About The Roast

Aim small. Miss small.

Bethoven drinking coffee

Sometimes you only get one shot. You have to make it count. Being Legendary starts with the right fuel. For many Legends, this fuel is coffee. Some historical coffee fanatics include Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Ludwig van Beethoven (who made his coffee with exactly 60 beans every day)…talk about precision!

Legends require accuracy. There are enough surprises coming across your desk in the morning. A horribly mispelled name on a cup containing the wrong beverage is not one that you need. All of a sudden the refreshing nature of coffee is transformed into a customer service nightmare. 5 minutes with Legendary and your favorite coffee brewing method will put you in control of your day.

helsarcherriesAlbert Einstein is quoted as saying, “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.” To help you ensure you convert your coffee into your greatest masterpiece, we work with 100% Organic, Fair-trade, Gender Equal suppliers. We spend the time, effort, and energy making sure our beans are top shelf, and that the companies supplying them are socially responsible (See more about Fair Trade Coffee here!)

Legendary coffee will get your mind going at a pace that you may consistently strive to achieve. What if you could hit your zone, every single day? It’s possible. Each bag of Legendary Coffee is hand roasted-to-order and then settled for days to ensure it is as fresh as humanly possible, arriving at your door at the time of perfect bean degassing and settlement after roast.  We have created our best work, so that you can create yours!  With Legendary, you are “…A Cup Above the Rest!”™