LIVE BROADCAST = Piano Music + Roasting!

A lot of love and care has gone into making Legendary Coffee a reality. I said last year during my Christmas broadcast that I would come out with three things:

  1. An Orchestral Album
  2. A Coffee Roasting Company
  3. A Piano Album

…I have some exciting news!  All three are under way.  I can’t talk about the 1st one, but it involves an actual orchestra.  Since you’re reading this…you can see that Legendary Coffee Company is open for business so #2 is complete.  Now we will launch the piano album project!

Matt Piano HeadshotTo do this, we will be actually having roasting sessions that also include a live broadcast of me writing and recording on the piano in the studio.  These will literally be “live” sessions where what we record together will be mixed, mastered, and become the “Legendary Sessions”.

That said, all orders placed in the next two weeks will be roasted during our LIVE BROADCAST from the studio on November 8th at 12:30PM.  As always, follow Legendary using the links on the top of the page.  I can’t wait to sip some coffee and talk about music with you on the 8th!


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