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About Matt

We care about you! We know what it's like to have a day job that wish you didn't! That's why our founder, Matt Campana, started this company. As a Fortune 100 level Business Analyst with a degree in film music composition, he wanted to do more than just crunch excel sheets and code all day long. Fresh out of school with $100K in student debt, he decided to roast as part of cutting his spending down. And that's when it happened. In 2014, in his parent’s kitchen, he bought a home roaster and roasted his first batch. What an incredible smell. Once he had his first sip, he realized: There's simply nothing like freshly roasted coffee.

Matt Campana Legendary Coffee Owner

Thousands of roasts, multiple permits, many nights of hustle, and many encouraging conversations with his friends, family, and specifically his wife, Amy, later, here we are! We have roasted thousands of lbs of coffee for hundreds of customers, and we are growing every day.

Here's Legendary's most recent vision, in Matt’s own words:

"My goal is to select the finest beans from around the world via extremely fun taste testing. We then partner with distributors that have direct relationships with farms and coops to source socially responsible beans. Then, the final touch, is that we work with local artists, by commissioning them to create limited run art pieces for specific blends. Every single cup of Legendary you sip, supports local art. This company helped me get out of student debt. I want to turn around and do the same to help young, talented artists be able to make a difference in the world with their art. Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to pick up some freshly roasted Legendary Coffee on your way out!”

Matt Campana
Lead Roaster / Owner