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The King's Roast - India Estate Bean (Single-Origin)

The King's Roast - India Estate Bean (Single-Origin)

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This coffee is not for the weak. It's designed for Royalty. This exceptional limited-run single origin bean is well balanced with chocolate and toffee overtones with a subtle citrus overtone.


This specific bean is directly from the Pearl Mountain Estate in India.  They have been producing world class coffee since the 1920s.  The founder, Shivappaiy Patre, bought 300 acres on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats mountains. The same family manages the estate today.  The hills in which this coffee is grown are called the Bababudan range and they are home to the finest mountain grown Indian Arabica coffee.  The Patre family hand picks the coffee cherries and they are sorted prior to hand pulping and fermentation process that lasts between 42 and 72 hours.  The coffee is then hand-washed in water from clear mountain streams.

Just like you, this coffee is hand picked and top of class.  It is truly "...A Cup Above the Rest!"