Turkish Delight

Merhaba from Istanbul!

We are having a great time sampling different coffees here and are excited to post about this.  For now, let’s talk about one of my favorite things here.

Turkish Delight (Türk lokumu) is a delicious snack that is served here in Turkey. It is made of Gel, Starch, and Sugar (very cheap materials). To quote Wikipedia, it “consists largely of chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnuts or walnuts bound by the gel”. I can attest to this. About every 50 yards there is a confectionery shop that is serving this. In fact, right now I can smell the sweet Türk lokumu wafting up through the inside of my hotel into the room. I have the window open since it’s a little warm in here. That said, it’s not cheap! It’s about 40 Turkish for a kilo (2.2 lbs). 40 TYL is about 20 USD. Good things come at a price. I was a little put off by this, until I watched it being made. The layout and design of each piece is very important. It’s not as if you receive one piece that looks different than the Ad in the window (that’s still advertising). It looks precisely like the display.

Legendary_Istanbul_Blue_MosqueIt made me start to ask a question, “Why do we pay for good quality?” I asked this about myself, and about the brands I run. To us, here at Legendary Coffee, we believe that quality should be reflected in the price, packaging, material, and the actual good itself. When things are handled with care, we are more likely to care about them.  This is why we have taken so much time in selecting our packaging, working with design crews to ensure our labeling and measurements are perfect to the eye, and that your product tastes like it costs, expensive, rare, top-quality.  Our Legends understand quality and won’t settle for anything less, so neither do we.  This small window shopping experience has helped me to see a bit about why we do what we do.

I want to thank each and every person that has already purchased coffee.  To date, we have roasted just over 45 kg, or 100 LBS, of coffee!  This will look small one day, but for now, thank you for allowing this to happen.  Together, we are, “A Cup Above the Rest!”

Matt Campana

Lead Roaster
Legendary Coffee Company

Your Roast is Resting!

Just like each of us, good roasting requires rest. When you roast coffee beans they go through two stages, first crack and second crack. The first crack is a physical expansion of the coffee bean. It is physically cracking the bean to let off heat in an exothermic reaction. It is imperative that you continue to give the beans heat to ensure this does not become an endothermic reaction. If this happens, the beans will taste baked and lose their character. This is just like us! When we have a golden opportunity, we must continue to apply our best to the situation and see it through. This followthrough is what makes us an aroma to those around us!

The second section of a roast is the second crack. This part is where the bean actually expands and the cellulose wall in the center of the bean breaks down. Second crack is not necessary, and just like in life, sometimes we need to know when to ease back and let things cool down! Just after first crack is when CO2 begins coming out of the crevices of the bean. Water and Carbon Dioxide begin to split and CO2 degassing begins to occur. As you get deeper into a roast, origin characteristics or distinct flavors begin to dissipate. We stop Luna Roast right before second crack occurs, ensuring it is dark and bold, while remaining extremely flavorful.

Once a roast is complete, you can opt to let the beans outgas and settle. This allows CO2 out of the chamber, while allowing the flavors and aroma of the bean to become solidified due to the fact that there are multiple beans enhancing the flavor of one another. There’s power in groups!

Once this degassing occurs over the week, we will place your coffee in gorgeous custom packaging and ship it out directly to your doorstep. This will ensure that you receive coffee at the perfect MOMENT in its flavor arc.

I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to hearing your reactions!

Lead Roaster

LIVE BROADCAST = Piano Music + Roasting!

A lot of love and care has gone into making Legendary Coffee a reality. I said last year during my Christmas broadcast that I would come out with three things:

  1. An Orchestral Album
  2. A Coffee Roasting Company
  3. A Piano Album

…I have some exciting news!  All three are under way.  I can’t talk about the 1st one, but it involves an actual orchestra.  Since you’re reading this…you can see that Legendary Coffee Company is open for business so #2 is complete.  Now we will launch the piano album project!

Matt Piano HeadshotTo do this, we will be actually having roasting sessions that also include a live broadcast of me writing and recording on the piano in the studio.  These will literally be “live” sessions where what we record together will be mixed, mastered, and become the “Legendary Sessions”.

That said, all orders placed in the next two weeks will be roasted during our LIVE BROADCAST from the studio on November 8th at 12:30PM.  As always, follow Legendary using the links on the top of the page.  I can’t wait to sip some coffee and talk about music with you on the 8th!